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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) are structures built on existing properties with a primary home to provide room to accommodate multi-generational families, a remote office, or to provide a rental property for additional income (or all three at some point). ADU's are self-sufficient with their own kitchen, bath, and bedroom(s). Recent legislation by the State of California has led to a significant relaxation in the zoning requirements as applied to ADU's making them more affordable and quicker to construct. 

JML Construction Services can make this process stress free for the homeowner by handling all initial information gathering on size and the location on your property, and verifying the project is compliant with local zoning regulations. JML Construction Services can offer turnkey design and construction using architects that are partnered with JML or alternatively working with your architect. JML can also handle all permitting related to the project. This includes JML arranging and overseeing all utility connections with our subcontractors and arranging all inspections, so the owner has one point of contact on their project.


JML Construction Services is a local East Bay based contractor who is available to work directly with the client on a person-to-person basis and not a factory supplier with a customer service department located across the country that may or may not have the best interests of the customer in mind, especially after the sale of the unit which is then handed off to a third party installer. 

ADU accessory dwelling unit
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