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• A deck can be a wonderful addition to any home or structure. Well-installed, perfectly designed decks can not only boost curb appeal, but can also enhance outdoor living spaces and make outdoor entertaining more enjoyable.

The same can be said for Pergolas: use them to shade your deck or install as a stand alone structure, or use it to cover an outdoor grilling area. 

JML Construction Services understands the importance of a beautifully designed and constructed deck. We replace old decks and design and install a new ones. Our deck construction expertise will completely transform the looks and functionality of your property. We build all of our decks with the highest standards by using the best quality materials such as redwood and composite for long term durability, using only stainless steel and galvanized hardware to ensure a long life for the deck.  

JML Construction Services can:

  • pressure wash your old deck and bring back it's original color. 

  • sand/refinish your old deck.

  • replace loose or non-code compliant handrails to make the deck safe for all family members.

  • add in new staircases or rebuild the existing ones.

  • replace your old top decking with new materials ranging from architectural grade redwood to maintenance-free composite.

  • design and build a completely brand new dream deck.

  • design and construct a pergola or trellis to complement your new deck."

Ultimately, your new pergola construction isn’t just about it’s beauty or function. It’s an area where life is going to be taking place with the potential for so many memories. You need a pergola builder that you can trust to create something you’ll appreciate for many years.


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