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Retractable Awning


How We Bring Your Project To Life

JML Construction Services is a licensed and insured General Contractor experienced with pergola construction. JML can handle all required permitting and works with our Client’s defining the scope of the project and the associated cost. Our process is to spend the time necessary upfront exploring options on materials, layout, and equally important desired functionality (entertaining/sun/shade exposure/part of a pool or hot tub layout). To achieve that goal we will jointly review the features so we understand the Client’s vision and can capture that in a well-defined scope of work that we can then
price out.

Working with partner contractors we can also provide all landscaping and hardscaping services integrated into the pergola design.

JML can also install outdoor kitchens to compliment the pergola.

Below is a list of the type of items we discuss with the Client in scope development:


This is very important to discuss first so we fully understand what the Client wants and how we can provide that in design and selection of materials. JML will produce drawings showing the layout and elevations.


Roof For Pergola

- Fixed roof, light weight steel corrugated panels - Sliding fabric roof (manual on rails or electric) - Provide louvers to open and close as needed for more shade or more sun (with manual or electric)

pergola roof.jpg

Material Selections

- Redwood - Cedar - Composite (we use Timbertech and TREX) - PVC (we use Timbertech PVC) - Pressure treated

pergola material.jpg


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