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JML Construction Services help Real Estate Agents close a sale by ensuring that the condition of a property is suitable for the home buyers.  


We can spot integrity issues with a property and can offer solutions and execute the repairs and replacements needed to get an entire transaction back on track.


The sale of a home can be a stressful process for all involved, especially the real estate agent. JML Construction Services is committed to receiving frantic, 11th-hour calls from real estate agents looking for quick quality solutions that results in a smooth transaction.


From pre contract assistance to in Escrow solutions JML Construction Services can provide a Real Estate agent with a skilled, certified, and insured team that is dedicated to our commitment of transparent pricing, customer satisfaction, and the highest quality work our industry can offer.

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  • conduct a pre-home inspector inspection to proactively make any needed repairs either structural or cosmetic as needed. 

  • handle all Home Inspector defects highlighted from the home inspection. 

  • perform inspections and demolish/reapir/replace outbuildings, decks, pergolas. 

  • inspect siding and exterior trim looking for, and repairing, any dryrot.

  • carpet/flooring removal & replacement 

  • yard clean-up and refreshing landscaping/mulch

  •  shed, deck, and fencing demolition and replacement

  •  deck re-staining/painting

  • garage/shed cleaning

  •  pressure washing exterior siding and drive/walkway concrete

  • repair/repaint damaged drywall

  • replace/install new base and window trim

  • install crown molding 

  •  replace rotted exterior trim and siding, renew caulking

  •  install hot water heater earthquake straps

  •  Install smoke and CO detectors

  •  replace kitchen cabinet hardware

  •  install new door locksets/hinges

  •  replace interior/exterior doors

  •  painting touch-up

  •  fix sink/toilet/faucet water leaks

  •  re-grout tile



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